Beekeeping Class – April

If anyone out there still looks at my never updated blog here is something to consider.  I’m teaching a course on beekeeping – 3 sessions.  If you want to start a hive; want to learn more about bees; or know someone who does – then this is your class.  We still have some spots available, but we typically sell out so sign up soon!  Hope to see you there!



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Why Do Bees Sting? – my news story on WCCO News

I got a call from WCCO yesterday afternoon by a reporter wondering why bees sting?

A half hour later we were shooting the story at the hives at United Theological Seminary.

And several hours later it aired.  Here’s the link:

I found this a very interesting experience of self awareness.  In that half hour before the news crew arrived I riddled myself with questions:  What do I actually know about stings?  How do I look?  More importantly – how do I smell?  Better chew some gum.  Better get a drink of water. Better stand down wind.

What I find interesting about all this is the question behind the question – WHY DO I CARE?  Why do I need the world to see a perfected me?  Is it fear that thousands of people are going to observe you and what would they think if god forbid – you had a big black bean covering a tooth.  Rejection.  Maybe its positive? – I’m excited about life and want that message to come across in this rare venue – tv news.

Maybe with the Facebook era we have become used to this rhythm of life and it is natural to treat moments as though thousands of people will see me?  What picture is that really painting for people and why are we so concerned with creating the art of life for people who will scroll past it, consume it, and forget it within seconds?  Is the art of life we create for others or is it the art a bubbling over because we are loving it, experiencing it, drinking it in – and relishing every single second?  I wonder how many hours a day are spent pondering – “what will look cool and get attention”?

Complete transparency with the rest of the world would probably scare us all to death, but it does make me desire an even greater consciousness towards transparency with others.  A true reflection of the beauty I see in really living my life and the joy that brings.

Back to the story – I was so satisfied with the clarity the reporter provided about the truth with honeybee stings or the lack there of.  It was a message of truth that she shared well.

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Bee Class – Aug 20, 27, 29

If you are thinking of keeping bees next spring this is a great time to learn all you need to keep them.

Or maybe you are just interested in these fascinating creatures.

Or maybe you just want the experience of looking inside a set of boxes that have 50,000 insects in it.

Or maybe you are bored in life and just want some kind of change.

All of these and more are great reasons to come learn about bees.

The class is Aug 20th (6-8:30pm), Aug 27th (6-8:30pm), and Aug 29 (1-4pm)

We will be looking at the bees, learning in a classroom setting and extracting honey.

Sign up at:

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Video Interview with CTV

A local cable network that serves the Northern Suburbs of Minnesota came out for an interview at the Seminary.

They made some interesting choices in editing the content, but I think the footage of the bees is worth watching.  You get to see a queen lay an egg!!

Channel 15: Monday through Friday at 5 pm
Vimeo Link (just the story):
Web Link (full episode – April 6):

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Experiential Bee Class – Sign up!

If anyone is still following my blog here is a really fun unique class I am holding (click the picture for expanded view).


This is one of the only hands on experiences in beekeeping classes offered in Minnesota.  Learn everything you will need to know about starting your own hive.  Go into the hives and know what you are looking at.  We have filled the first session, but the website has a link to sign up for the second session.  We only have around 10 spots left so sign up for an experience that will either help you start a hive or just to see what happens inside those mysterious white boxes!  Thanks

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Honey for Sale Tomorrow!

I have been an awful blogger this past year.

We moved and had our fourth child so life has been a tad busy.

Fortunately, the bees were busy as well.  We still have many hives in New Brighton even though it is not the city we reside in any longer.

We moved to Andover – only about 20 minutes north of New Brighton.  This is where we will be opening the family honey stand.

Please come out and get some of the worlds finest honey.  Bring the family and hang out for a while.  It should be a nice day and we have plenty of space to play.  No purchase necessary 🙂

We will be open around 10am, but you are welcome anytime.  Hope to see you soon.

If you can’t make it and want honey just let me know.  We have enough this season to supply you throughout the whole next year.  Honey is $6.50/lb and cheaper if you buy bulk (I determine this based on the co-ops bulk prices which are $7.59/lb and a lower grade then ours).  Ours is Raw and full of the pollen your body needs.  We do not process it and it comes from real bees!

Thanks for supporting my family and the bees.

Brandon 763-245-0777

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Honey Stand Open – Sunday 9/22/13!!!

2013-09-21_15-24-29_789We will have the honey stand open tomorrow!!
This years batch is awesome.

Some things we do special that you won’t find with other honey.
Ours is Raw – which means it is not heated(pasteurized). Heating it can kill the good bacteria that exists in the honey and effect it in unwanted ways.
Our honey is not filtered. Filtering is a way of processing it – we don’t do this. We screen the honey to a 400 micron level. This lets more pollen through into the finished product. Pollen is what helps you build resistance to allergens that drive your nose crazy. The more local the honey is – provided it has pollen – the better. If you are eating honey from flowers you were breathing in this is ideal for helping allergies.
Our honey is all honey. Many honey packers cut the honey with syrups to cut cost. Our is 100% pure.
Our honey is produced by bees that are cared for. We are very concerned with the bees health – not just the honey!!
Our honey is hand spun by the family – kids and all!!

Honey is $7 a pound. I base this off of pricing of honey at co-ops – where bulk honey is $7.49/lb.

We will have a variety of sizes available. Thanks

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