Grandpa Krosch – Founding Father

Here is a picture of Grandpa Vernon Krosch – 1st Generation Beekeeper.  This picture was taken in 1953 in Clarks Grove, MN by the newspaper (Albert Lea Tribune).  They did an article on Grandpa’s beekeeping and gardening.  He was a bit before his time – subscribing to Organic Gardening magazines and using natural methods for greater crop yield – like using bees as pollinators.  A true genius whom I never got to meet.

This picture gives interesting insight into beekeeping.  If you look at how his hives are placed – how many boxes he has for each colony – you start to wonder what his strategy was and how well he did.  My Dad thought it must be spring due to the small 1 story colonies, but if you look at the frame he is holding it is loaded with honey.  This means it was late summer/early fall – when colonies would be ramping down for winter, but still in large numbers.



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2 responses to “Grandpa Krosch – Founding Father

  1. Nancy Bogenschutz

    Your insight to the beekeeping part of the picture gives me an education in beekeeping. Thank you. Actually, what I see in this picture is my grandpa Krosch…and I love seeing him again
    . I remember visiting Grandpa in Clarks Grove and enjoyed watching him with the bees. His honey was tasty!

  2. Lyn Sorensen

    sharing your site with family in Seattle , Mary Mike and Hannah everyone enjoying Lyn and Lynn

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